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Xtart Biz Consult

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XTART BIZ is a business consulting firm whose mandate is to provide consultancy services for companies and institutions worldwide who may be interested in doing business in Ghana and beyond. XTART BIZ again provides the services of nurturing and transforming businesses into global brands. We help already existing businesses gain a competitive advantage in the ever-changing business environment. Our firm achieves this by offering innovative business and financing solutions to our clients.


We specialize in financial engineering and financial modeling, business process re-engineering, start-up businesses, financing options for companies, business idea development, fundraising, partnerships, and lobbying among others

Why Work With US


We focus on delivering high-quality services that best suit our customers’ needs. We strive to exceed their expectations and delight them continuously.


We seek to raise the bar by paying attention to details in business processes to ensure excellent service/product delivery.

Value Innovation

We are focused on innovation that seeks to meet the intrinsic value needs of our customers.

Collective Growth

We believe in the power of synergy. We take delight in sustained growth of all our stakeholders.

Xtart Biz Consult

We aim to nurture and transform businesses into global brands by offering innovative business and financing solutions to our clients.

We like to identify ourselves as solution providers.

We have a knack for turning struggling businesses into smiling ones as well as transforming viable ideas into success stories.


With our wide array of partners, we are committed to working with our partners to raise the needed funds and skills to expand and grow your business.


Excited, experienced, and excellent consultants are available to begin this journey with you!


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“Once you set your mind on something and begin to pursue it, even if you do not get to the level you desired, you would be different from the person who did not pursue it at all, and in a positive way.”

Dr. Evans Duah

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